Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the finest wizard school in the world! Whether you're a pure-blood, a half-blood or a Muggle-born, come on in!


Of course, there are a few rules. Just follow them and you'll be fine.

1. No powerplaying

2. No godmodding

3. No spamming

4. Please refrain from using * - ~ when RPing

5. Please try to write descriptive posts that are at least 3 lines

9. No sexual content AT ALL. This is school, you can't just say "He snuck out of class with his girlfriend and they had sex on the third floor." Besides, this kind of content can get pretty gross, especially for young RPers

10. Respect everyone! And you can't hold a grudge against a character just because of the person who RPs them

11. And finally, HAVE FUN!!!